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Event Administration

As a complement to his sports results services, Joe supplies a range of event administration systems, some are bespoke programs written in Delphi, others are database applications written in Access, most are integrated into online systems written in Perl and PHP.

These systems are tailored to individual events and provide organisers with all the facilities they need to record their entries, produce pre-event information printouts, automatically provide camera-ready programme lists, and manage targeted mailshots.

Recently, Joe created a fully integrated management system to interface all the ESAA National Track & Field Championships administration and results systems into Sky TV's live production system. This enabled Sky to have real-time data about the progress of all events displayed on multiple screens for their directors, producers, commentators, and graphics teams.

Time-scales are absolutely critical, so that the results of each race on track need to be displayed live onscreen within 12 seconds of a race finishing. Field Event results are available onscreen within 2 seconds of each jump or throw.



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